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We process, dry and sell all types of seeds.


[b]Services include:[/b]
[list][*] Seed processing[/*][*] Packaging[/*][*] Seed and grain drying[/*][*] Germination testing[/*][*] Purity testing[/*][*] Silo storage[/*][*] Finished product storage[/*][*] Bulk container loading[/*][*] Export container loading[/*][*] Seed sales[/*][*] Custom mixing of seed[/*][*] Mixing lawn seed[/*][*] Inoculation/lime coating[/*][*] Fungicide application[/*][*] Crop selection[/*][/list]


Silos[url=http://tatiaraseeds.1stba.se/services/seed-processing][size=150]Seed Processing[/size][/url]

From the time the seed arrives by truck, it  is carefully tracked. Having been weighed and the moisture tested, any  drying is carried out before it is delivered into the cleaning system,  or temporarily stored in one of 120 silos.

Westrup machine

The  Westrup screen/air machine is first in the processing system. It is a  system of vibrating screens through which the seed travels, and stubble,  weed seeds, plant debris, dirt and stones, insects, husks and any  other contaminants are removed. Indent cylinders separate short from long  seeds, and the gravity table separates light from heavy.

Velvet Rollers

Should  a line of seed pose a problem, Tatiara Seeds can meet that challenge  with specialised equipment including five sets of velvet rollers and  three double spirals. Velvet rollers separate seed by surface type and  do an excellent job of removing dock, wireweed and yellow burr weed from  lucerne, persian and white clovers. The spirals separate flat from  round seed.

Gravity Machine

When the seed is clean, it is  either kept in bulk or bagged for storage in our  warehouse. From there it is loaded into containers for export, or  despatched to Australian destinations.

Robotic Palletiser

The on-site seed laboratory can check for germination and purity of the seed.
Tatiara  Seeds organises all the paperwork for the seed, including inspection of  containers, arranging AQIS testing of seed, sending samples for  official purity and germination testing, and tracking of the product at  every stage.
[url=http://tatiaraseeds.1stba.se/services/seed-drying][size=150]Seed Drying[/size][/url]

Tatiara Seeds purchased its first grain dryer  in 1985. Since then demand for drying seed has increased to such an  extent that there are 3 Vertec grain dryers available to dry any type of  seed. Lucerne and Phalaris seed growers are the greatest users of the  grain dryers to remove moisture so that the seed can be safely stored.

The  grain dryers use gas to heat and dry the air which then passes through  the seed, taking moisture with it. The temperature is carefully  monitored so that germination is not affected.


The  cost is determined by the size of the lot, the amount of moisture to be  removed, the type of seed and the amount of gas used.

Graham Ramsdale or Peter Maddern are available to discuss any needs relating to drying seed.
[url=http://tatiaraseeds.1stba.se/services/seed-sales][size=150]Seed Sales[/size][/url]

Please contact our Seed Sales Department for a  full list of available varieties we have to offer. We also supply  birdseed and lawn seed mixes, plus inoculants.

Phone: (08) 8752 0024

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[b]Graham Ramsdale has been the manager of Tatiara Seeds since its inception and believes customer service is his highest priority.[/b]

Tatiara Seeds has been in operation since 1976. It began in Bordertown, with one processing plant and a single operator. Now Tatiara Seeds operates at Bordertown and Keith with a total of nine processing plants, and a staff of up to 45. 


We have approximately 120 silos for incoming storage and 8,000 square metres of warehouse for storing bags of seed.

Graham Ramsdale - Manager of Tatiara Seeds

Graham or any of his team of experienced seed cleaners can advise you about all aspects of weed seed removal and processing to eliminate any other contaminants.

The Keith branch of Tatiara Seeds was built in 1998. Tina Sellars manages this site, which has three processing plants and over 100 silos. The Keith site has the capacity to process, dry and despatch all types of seed.

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